General Rules for guests and the use of the Relax Area

Happy to accommodate You, we invite you to take a look at our rules of Procedure.

Our small rules, to be observed in B & B, are not only those provided by law, but above all those dictated by common sense and mutual respect.

  1. Reservations can be cancellation free of charge up to 3 days before Check-In, under 3 days or in case of non-notice will be charged the first night of the booked stay.
  1. Check-in is from 12.30 hours to 21.00; Check-out is provided within 10.00 hours. In case of specific requests to change the check-in or check-out times it is necessary to communicate it and to agree beforehand with the structure before your arrival.
  1. Upon arrival in B & B The documents will be requested and delivered as valid Identity card and/or passport , Necessary for The registrations provided by the regulations in force. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a breach of the rules of the Penal Code and authorizes us to seek immediate abandonment of B & B. Our guests ‘ data are processed in accordance with the current privacy policy.
  1. Once you have completed the Notification cards, you will be prompted for the balance of your stay to be made in cash, credit card or ATM.
  1. THE structure is not constrained by predetermined schedules, our guests are so free to access the property at the times for their ideals. We only Ask that you always lock your rooms.
  1. Within the B & B, only for hygienic reasons and for any allergies from other customers, no pets are allowed.
  1. A rich breakfast buffet is served in the common area every day from 7.00 hours to 10.00.
  1. It Is forbidden to consume food in the room and turn on own stove. In accordance with regional legislation, and for reasons of safety and respect for other guests, you must contact the staff for the use of the kitchen.
  1. The cleaning of the rooms and the bathrooms are made daily; The change of bed linen every other day from the check-in date; The linen of the bath will be changed only if the latter will be placed on the floor.
  1. Smoking is Not allowed in the rooms or in the room. The observance of this rule stems from the need to protect those who do not smoke and who will come after you, as well as the rules of fire prevention.
  1. It Is our concern to inform you that the rooms do not have safety deposit boxes. Therefore We urge you not to leave any effect of value unattended in the rooms, bathrooms and common areas. We Invite guests to always close doors and windows, the B & B declines any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of objects of your property left in the rooms, bathrooms and common areas.
  1. Each Guest is obliged to compensate for any damage caused to the B & B and for the improper use of the complementary equipment. At the end of the stay, they must return the keys.
  1. In case of loss of the keys will be charged the damage.
  1. If the guest receives a visit, the visitor must show to the staff a valid identity document.
  1. It is recommended to turn off the lights, TV, air conditioners and other equipment every time you leave the room.

Relax Area

  1. Access to the Relax Area is only allowed to the guests of “Cascina 36 B & B”; Any external visitors (maximum of 2 persons per guest of B & B), must abide by this regulation and exhibit an identity document, valid in progress.
  1. The swimming pool is accessible from 10.00 hours to 21.00.
  1. Access to minors of 12 years and unaccompanied handicapped persons Is prohibited, given the absence of the bathing attendant.
  1. The depth of the pool is 1.40 meters in all its parts.
  1. It Is forbidden to dive and run on the tub floor.
  1. It Is recommended not to get wet less than three hours after the meal is consumed.
  1. It is forbidden to consume food or beverages on the tub floor.
  1. It Is mandatory to access the swimming pool from the shower that must be used before entering the water.
  1. It Is forbidden to carry out activities in apnea without the presence of an instructor enabled.
  1. It Is forbidden to use sunscreen and hair oils before entering the tub.
  1. Bottles, glass objects and other objects not strictly related to bathing Are prohibited from being introduced into the pool.
  1. It is prohibited to bathe in particular weather conditions such as thunderstorms.
  1. It is forbidden to enter the pool to persons in altered psychophysical state (drunkenness, alterations from narcotics etc.) or even in obvious precarious conditions of health, such as to pose a risk for the safety of the subject itself and for the users Physiologically incontinent.
  1. The Management does not respond in any way of any accident, accident, or otherwise, which may happen to bathers for their behaviour, especially if in breach of this regulation.
  1. Under the law is prohibited the shower and the bathroom without a costume.

The Direction of B & B Cascina 36,

Thanks in advance, certain of a courteous collaboration,

Accepting and enforcing this regulation.

We Remain available for any clarification and wish you a happy stay.