Privacy Policy

Holder of the treatment and reference Regulations
The data Controller is Cascina 36 B & B with headquarters in Via Cascina Comune 36, Pregnana Milanese, 20010, MI (Italy), hereinafter “Cascina36”, for brevity. Cascina36 treats personal data in compliance with the European regulations on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter “GDPR”, for brevity). According To art. 12, 13 and 14 of GDPR, the Rightholder provides this information on the processing of personal data which it has carried out.

Scope of application

This statement applies to CASCINA36 and its website and personal data relating to individuals. Cascina36 cannot be and is in no way responsible for the treatment of independent third parties and third party sites reachable from any links on the Cascina36 website. Considering that Cascina36 is a “Business-to-Business” (B2B) Company:
• As a Holder, Cascina36 systematically and predominantly treats data of legal or public persons,
• The European standard (GDPR) applies to the personal data of only natural persons,
Any personal data of natural persons will be processed by the Owner Cascina36, electronically or manually, in full respect of the GDPR and subjected to appropriate security measures as required by the legislation and according to the best industry standards ( ISO27002, ISO 29134, NIST 800-123). Data and information of legal persons are nevertheless treated confidentially and subject to the same safety measures and adequacy to the same standards.

Purpose of treatment without express consent

All The personal information that you provide to us without expressing express consent, via web or mail or other, are optional and the result of your free choice. This information will be treated solely by Cascina36 for the purposes of: (a) Respond and meet your requirements, (b) Fulfil our possible contractual obligations, (c) Pursuing legitimate interests of the Rightholder [example: Defending in legal office], (d) Fulfil legal and fiscal obligations.
Purpose of the treatment with express consent
Only upon express consent of the person concerned, CASCINA36 will treat personal data of natural persons for promotional and commercial purposes: for example to inform you of new offers of products or services.

Retention Period of personal data

Cascina36 will retain the personal data for the period necessary and sufficient for the purposes declared or provided for by legal and fiscal rules or until the person concerned asks for its cancellation (see also Rights of the Person concerned).

Rights of the Person concerned

The Natural person to whom the data relates (“interested”), has the following rights:
• Revoke the Holder’s consent at any time *
• To propose a complaint to the supervisory Authority (Guarantor),
• Ask the Holder for access to the data in order to verify its accuracy and, if necessary, request correction,
• Ask the holder for the portability of his data in an intelligible format (. csv),
• Ask the Owner to delete * * Your personal information

* This does not prejudice the lawfulness of treatment prior to withdrawal
* * The request for cancellation will be satisfied if there are no other legal bases that oblige to maintain the data: for example, data necessary for the execution of our contractual or normative obligation.

Categories of personal data

If not otherwise provided freely by the person concerned, Cascina36 treats only “common” personal data. The systematic and continuous treatment of “particular data” (i.e.: sensitive, medical, judicial, etc.) Is excluded.

Sources of personal data

Cascina36 may receive your personal data from yourself for your free choice (via email, website, telephone, fax, etc.) or from public sources (public registers, social, etc.). Whatever the source, Cascina36 will not proceed to the processing of personal data of natural persons for promotional or commercial purposes without their express consent.


Contact the data controller to exercise your rights or to ask for clarification.